bring on the new days & new ways

when you want many different things in your life that can not all exist at the same time, does that mean that you do not know what you want? Or, is it in fact possible, that you desire these things because you are supposed to have them -ALL of them. don't let anyone ever accuse you of being unrealistic, or a "dreamer", or... someone who "doesn't know what she wants," because you are meant to have the moon and all of the stars too. it isn't up to us to try and make sense of the timing and arrival of our desires. we can only trust and know that they are coming. and, that there is always something so amazing right around the corner because we believe it is there, and that life is meant to be abundant. we are living in a crazy time right now. i can feel it every day. like butterflies multiplying by the thousands inside my body. my emotions are stirring more than ever these days and its mostly because i do not know... i do not know what is next.  But here is what i am certain of ...no matter what, i'm going to be ok. i've always been more than ok.  i have a beautiful life that i have co-created with my own free will, and i am exactly where i am supposed to be on the path that i have chosen. even though the path feels a little scary and dramatic at the moment, it is all just part of the story. my story, and yours. 

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