good morning dawn

today, i woke up long before the time i had chosen to set my alarm. my soul must have been excited because i had no place to be, i just wanted to feel the morning.  the first thing i did was open all the windows in my apartment so i could smell the air and let the birds sing me into a new day.  this was more energizing than a thousand cups of coffee, so i decided to tickle my senses further and take a gentle walk down the road i drive almost every day.  it was like i was experiencing that street for the very first time.  i never knew of the tiny creek that trickles along side the asphalt and all the life that it brings to wildflowers and frogs and ferns, and i am sure of it that fairies play there too.  my pea coat and favorite scarf had never been out like this in the month of june.  the air was just so cold, and the fog thick, but i didn't mind. nothing else around me seemed to care either.

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  1. You have great blog,lovely photos:)Im your new follower:)