sounds of the woods

falling deeply in love with the silence of the mornings has given me a new sense of the dawn.  the world feels still and the light milky.  the windows are wide open and the forrest is full of sounds from our fellow friends sipping on raindrops and scouring the dewy ground.  a tiny breeze softly moves the wind chime and the sound of magic floods my senses. fall has found me and for this i must celebrate.


if i were a doll, you would be my house

is good to be home. back to the panoramic forest that feels like it will soon weave its vines through these walls. it may want to wrap us up in a warm wooded embrace and whisper to us all, that we have always been one.  the golden light pours in, in prisms of green, yellow, orange, and red and my heart feels full and luminous.  warm milk warms our bodies as the cool air creeps in through cracks in the windows. these haunted halls tell stories of their own, and remind us of the wonders and magic that fill the earth. for there are many things we still do not know, for some my be revealed in short comings as we make ourselves quite.  i miss the cats that used to rule this place.  their independent souls began to cry out for our love and affection when we were grown and away, but they are somewhere else now.  i wonder if home will always be this place. if it always be here. i want to believe i am always wide open to change, but these walls watched me grow. within these rooms, i became myself.  and still,  becoming who i am.


Go now, and live

go now, and live. 
experience. dream. risk. close your eyes and jump. enjoy the freefall. choose exhilaration over comfort. choose magic of everyday life. make friends with your intuition. trust your gut. discover the beauty of uncertainty. know yourself fully before you make promises to another. make millions of mistakes so that you will know how to choose what you really need. know when to hold on and when to let go. love hard and often without reservation. seek knowledge. open yourself up to possibility. keep you heart open, your head high, and your spirit free. embrace your darkness along with your light. awaken to the brilliance in ordinary moments. tell the truth about yourself no matter the cost. own your reality without apology. see goodness in the world. be bold. be fierce. be grateful. be wild, crazy, and gloriously free. be you. 
go now, and live.
-Jeanette Leblanc


the unicorn meadow

april showers bring may flowers. the unicorn patch is all florescent and lavender scented calling every young heart for dizzy spins and dancing on tip toes.  i am just a little flower myself sometimes soaking in sunshine and smiling at the rain showers. these days have been full of long inside hours, but it only takes putting by bare feet on the ground and wearing my rose quarts crystal to connect with nature again. im certainly not used to it taking this long to warm up to summertime, but it just made it that much sweeter. i will miss the chilly nights with all the windows open in my apartment making vegetarian soups to keep warm, but time will bring that all back to me, and make it feel so new again. you must love mother nature for the little things like that. 


day float on by

as i sit alone in my bed looking out the open window, i catch myself in a daydream like i always do when my eyes fixate on endless blue water, sprinkled with tiny sailboats exploring their playground. the wind whistles its melody, and im watching the sheer curtains to do their little dance when the two meet. being sick today just isn't all that bad. i have storybooks, and jasmine tea, and feather pillows to keep me company. this weekend will be another town with songs to sing and people to meet, and thats all the medicine i need.


pastel daydreams

it was a sunny easter sunday spent alone, wandering on side walks and contemplating how life got me to this place. miracles and meant to be's enchant my happy heart, and i am not lonely. fields of fresh green grass were calling me, so i stopped to rest a while. lying on my back i starred down the clouds, watching them shift into to funny little shapes as they sailed on by to another place with my thoughts. the air, crisp and sweet as honeysuckle, filled my lungs with new life, making my heart feel as light as a dandy lion in the wind. ah, spring. its finally here. :)
Happy Easter


fall into forever

here is a little story...
fall into the rabbit hole and step inside my world, he said.  you are safe here. so they walked alone on moonlit streets to the waters edge where he could be with her.  his face said every unspoken word and she knew that he had missed her, but she was never really gone. they talked about the possibilities of love that didn't come around until now, and the dreams, unfolding like a story that had already been written.  he said she was wearing flowers in her hair and the color purple, sipping tea with his mother in a rose garden telling secrets of the child with untamed curls. write, sing, paint, he said. soon they would sing their songs to warm and welcoming crowds who sang along, and write books about their love. she put a brush in her hand for the first time and painted the canvas like she had done it all her life and he smiled. it was as if she had met herself for the first time. he knew the secrets she hid from herself and he brought them into the light. she loved him for that. she looked at him with child-like eyes learning how to grow,  and he studied her tip-toes around water fountains casting copper pennies making wishes. he watched her lie in fields of wildflowers by the sea, and eat strawberry snow cones every day at noon. shed always forget brush her hair, and liked to fall asleep in his lap like a cat does with a warm blanket. there is an endearing innocence about her he says. his favorite part of her he wants to protect. it was a slow grow, their love. one that can only be found in the purest of hearts. one that is open to taking chances, that can see the beauty in every little thing. one that wants to go to far off places and watch a dream come to life. one that cares about the world and all the creatures in it. But, most importantly,  a love that isn't afraid.


little star

sometimes its hard to remember the light that i am. my heart knows me well when my head sounds the alarm. that gradual, nagging drone who's purpose is to keep me earth bound. it only gets louder if I feed it broken, unconcious thoughts. i know when to go deep within. to find that space and rise above the noise in the knick of time. the clock gets louder everyday and sometimes i feel like i'm waiting, but there is nothing to wait for. tomorrow isn't even real. there is only now.  a now that only wants to be embraced. to show me what it's like to BE. when i find it i am happy. that stillness like the one in the eye of a hurricane.  the clouds in my mind turn to blue sky and stretch on into infinity. in that place of endless possibility ive heard a tiny whisper... open your eyes. wake up little child. you are a twinkling star. let your little light shine like it's never shined before. fill those eyes with fire. you already know the way. take the road less traveled and burn a brand new trail. use your heart as your compass and you will never be lost. your glitter dreams are waiting just around the corner. magic, ready to be manifested.