the unicorn meadow

april showers bring may flowers. the unicorn patch is all florescent and lavender scented calling every young heart for dizzy spins and dancing on tip toes.  i am just a little flower myself sometimes soaking in sunshine and smiling at the rain showers. these days have been full of long inside hours, but it only takes putting by bare feet on the ground and wearing my rose quarts crystal to connect with nature again. im certainly not used to it taking this long to warm up to summertime, but it just made it that much sweeter. i will miss the chilly nights with all the windows open in my apartment making vegetarian soups to keep warm, but time will bring that all back to me, and make it feel so new again. you must love mother nature for the little things like that. 


day float on by

as i sit alone in my bed looking out the open window, i catch myself in a daydream like i always do when my eyes fixate on endless blue water, sprinkled with tiny sailboats exploring their playground. the wind whistles its melody, and im watching the sheer curtains to do their little dance when the two meet. being sick today just isn't all that bad. i have storybooks, and jasmine tea, and feather pillows to keep me company. this weekend will be another town with songs to sing and people to meet, and thats all the medicine i need.