summer's here

these days i am longing for simplicity. summer is here and i want to soak up every moment of the little joys that it can bring by staying present. i wanna catch a fish from the river and cook it in a cast iron skillet with oil and breadcrumbs. i want to read a novel under my airy white sheets with all the bedroom windows open.  i plan to fall asleep under the stars far into the northern wilderness where i've never been.  i will play my guitar and sing new melodies to my poetry that make no sense and perfect sense all at the same time.  i will fall deeply in love with the mornings again and all the quiet peace it fills me with. i will hike the trails just up the road and collect flowers along the path to take home and press into that pretty leather journal i haven't known what to do with until this very moment.  i will lay in the sun collecting freckles that i will most likely regret later. i will let my hair go- wild and long, and breakup with makeup for while until i feel absolutely beautiful without it. i will dance under the moon and find that drumming circle i've been longing for.  i will meet beautiful new people to laugh with, to share wine and stories with, to grow with. so there it is... how will you spend your summer? 

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