fall into forever

here is a little story...
fall into the rabbit hole and step inside my world, he said.  you are safe here. so they walked alone on moonlit streets to the waters edge where he could be with her.  his face said every unspoken word and she knew that he had missed her, but she was never really gone. they talked about the possibilities of love that didn't come around until now, and the dreams, unfolding like a story that had already been written.  he said she was wearing flowers in her hair and the color purple, sipping tea with his mother in a rose garden telling secrets of the child with untamed curls. write, sing, paint, he said. soon they would sing their songs to warm and welcoming crowds who sang along, and write books about their love. she put a brush in her hand for the first time and painted the canvas like she had done it all her life and he smiled. it was as if she had met herself for the first time. he knew the secrets she hid from herself and he brought them into the light. she loved him for that. she looked at him with child-like eyes learning how to grow,  and he studied her tip-toes around water fountains casting copper pennies making wishes. he watched her lie in fields of wildflowers by the sea, and eat strawberry snow cones every day at noon. shed always forget brush her hair, and liked to fall asleep in his lap like a cat does with a warm blanket. there is an endearing innocence about her he says. his favorite part of her he wants to protect. it was a slow grow, their love. one that can only be found in the purest of hearts. one that is open to taking chances, that can see the beauty in every little thing. one that wants to go to far off places and watch a dream come to life. one that cares about the world and all the creatures in it. But, most importantly,  a love that isn't afraid.

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