little star

sometimes its hard to remember the light that i am. my heart knows me well when my head sounds the alarm. that gradual, nagging drone who's purpose is to keep me earth bound. it only gets louder if I feed it broken, unconcious thoughts. i know when to go deep within. to find that space and rise above the noise in the knick of time. the clock gets louder everyday and sometimes i feel like i'm waiting, but there is nothing to wait for. tomorrow isn't even real. there is only now.  a now that only wants to be embraced. to show me what it's like to BE. when i find it i am happy. that stillness like the one in the eye of a hurricane.  the clouds in my mind turn to blue sky and stretch on into infinity. in that place of endless possibility ive heard a tiny whisper... open your eyes. wake up little child. you are a twinkling star. let your little light shine like it's never shined before. fill those eyes with fire. you already know the way. take the road less traveled and burn a brand new trail. use your heart as your compass and you will never be lost. your glitter dreams are waiting just around the corner. magic, ready to be manifested.  

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