if i were a doll, you would be my house

is good to be home. back to the panoramic forest that feels like it will soon weave its vines through these walls. it may want to wrap us up in a warm wooded embrace and whisper to us all, that we have always been one.  the golden light pours in, in prisms of green, yellow, orange, and red and my heart feels full and luminous.  warm milk warms our bodies as the cool air creeps in through cracks in the windows. these haunted halls tell stories of their own, and remind us of the wonders and magic that fill the earth. for there are many things we still do not know, for some my be revealed in short comings as we make ourselves quite.  i miss the cats that used to rule this place.  their independent souls began to cry out for our love and affection when we were grown and away, but they are somewhere else now.  i wonder if home will always be this place. if it always be here. i want to believe i am always wide open to change, but these walls watched me grow. within these rooms, i became myself.  and still,  becoming who i am.

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